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How to select a BIA analyzer?

BIA body composition analyzer is a fast and convenient machine to monitor your health status. But different type varies at accuracy and operation.
For home use: a fat scale is usually available at many supermarket or drugstore. This kind of scale is like a common bath scale plus function of body fat, muscle or water test. But due to underline reasons, the accuracy of this kind of fat scale is not high.
(1)Most fat scale is just measure current through your under limes, ie, you just need to stand on it and it tests the impedance (resistance) between your left leg and right leg. Because the fat distribution in your body is not even, the impedance of upper limbs and lower limbs differs a lot, so the method of
(2) Most fat scale use only one frequency, in most cases is below 250 kHz. In fact, current below 250kHz cannot penetrate cell membrane,  that means cannot tell fluid outside the cell, and can not calculate the fat precisely.
Only scale with foot and hand electrode (you have to stand bare foot on the platform and hold the handset simultaneously) and using at least 2 frequencies is at the acceptable level of standard error.

For institution use: for medical/healthcare/fitness club/weight control center, a PROFESSIONAL body composition analyzer is needed. This category analyzer using 3 or more frequencies and can tell the composition of different segmental. Some high-end analyzers can diagnosis the visceral fat of edema index and with higher accuracy.
To select such a sophisticated machine, you need to make sure that the machine is using 3 or more frequencies (some frequencies must over 250 KHz), TFHT’ BCA series use 6 channels that get even representative impedance of the whole body. It should calculate basic composition of your trunk and each limb. Besides, it should have some analysis, storage and inquiry function, which can help you management data.

BCA series offer all the functions and more. Order now and experience it!